Project Overview: Sakura no Inku

For the One Game A Month challenge, I’ve decided to create a Japanese-style visual novel called Sakura no Inku: Refill My Heart, Printer-Chan! The premise is going to seem pretty outrageous to anyone who isn’t familiar with visual novels or “otome” games: the protagonist, a typical office worker living in an unnamed Japanese city, falls in love with his company’s printer.

The idea, ironically enough, came to me when I was trying to fix my company’s own printer (which I affectionately dubbed “Printer-chan”):

The secret origin of “Printer-chan”, my visual novel’s titular heroine, inspired by the printer that constantly breaks down at my real-life office.

Since the game will rely heavily on dialogue and narrative, the first step will be to draft a script that includes any player choices that might affect the game’s final outcome. To accomplish this, I’ll be using CloudNovel: an online, visual novel generator that I stumbled upon at GDEX 2017.

The current plan is to have a rough draft of the script finished by May 1st, and then shift my focus over to development of the actual game. I don’t know what my future entries for OGAM will entail, but I’m pretty excited to see how Sakura no Inku turns out.

I’ll post future updates about the game here as I start working on the script and an outline of the game itself.