About Me

Yours truly.

Hi there! My name is Joe Lawry and I’ve been a proud gamer since 1991.

When I was eight years old, my parents brought home a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that they found at a local garage sale. My first night with the NES was spent playing alternating-rounds of Super Mario Brothers and Duck Hunt with my little sister.

Needless to say, the whole experience changed my life forever.

From that day onward, I wanted to join Nintendo as a professional video game developer. Life had other plans for me, however, so I ended up working in the IT industry instead. The result was that I ended up becoming a technical Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Hardware troubleshooting, Website design, and technical support are just a few of the areas that I have experience in. This year, I’ll be adding to that list by breaking into the 8-bit world that once engrossed me as a child.

My ultimate goal is to become an independent video game developer and, who knows, maybe build up enough experience so that I can eventually work for a AAA company like Nintendo.

You can follow the progress that I make on this journey here on the blog or by visiting my itch profile. Questions regarding any content posted on this blog can be forwarded to jlawry@outlook.com.