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Hi there! My name is Joe Lawry and I’m an aspiring video game developer. I’ve been playing games since my parents bought a used NES at a local garage sale. Although¬†Super Mario Brothers¬†was the first game I ever played, I’ve since familiarized myself with titles in other genres that include first-person shooters, role playing games, and 3D platformers.

Super Mario Brothers
I’ve come a long way since 1994, when the only world I knew was the Mushroom Kingdom: 2D, pixelated, and brightly-colored.

Although my preferred engine of choice is Unity, I’m also open to learning about different platforms such as the Unreal Engine and RPG Maker. As I start working on my first game, which will be a Japanese-style visual novel, I’ll post samples of my work and the progress I make on here. This will not only serve as a blog for my work, but also an online portfolio that I’ll be relying on heavily in the future.

I also dabble in freelance writing. If you have any questions about the content that I’ll be posting here, please feel free to reach out to me at

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Gamer since '94. Otaku since '01. I was probably your IT guy at some point. #Gamer #Writer #Human